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13 Nov

“ Reflections” is a retrospective exhibition representing Geoff Todd’s art from 1989 until 2017.

During these 28 years Geoff Todd and Framed the Darwin Gallery have worked together continually.

Most of the work shown in this exhibition has not been seen in Darwin and is sourced from the artist’s
private collection, interstate, Indonesia and Austria, but each year’s examples will evoke the memory of
Todd’s style of that time from past exhibitions at Framed while illustrating the evolution of his art

over the period.

20 Sep

Secret Spaces

22 September - 16 October 

An exploration of what lies within, what is concealed and what is overt. Peters mysterious creations offer an elegant and earthy hiding place for your secrets and your dreams, miniature pagodas and simple homes to collect your treasures, to store or display the memories that might otherwise slip away.